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July, 2016:
We've replaced our mesonet map with a Google Map.
Network members see here to install your own copy.
Note: The original mesonet map will stop updating with new stations displayed on Sep. 1, 2016.

About the Southwestern Weather Network

The Southwestern Weather Network (SWN) is an affiliation of Internet based private weather stations in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. In addition to current and historical weather data from their personal weather stations, SWN member web sites offer other weather related features such as forecasts, radar and satellite images, lightning tracker pages, and weather related web cams.

The SWN serves as a hub to link these stations together across the Southwest, allowing each station’s visitors easy access to web based weather in other areas of the Southwest United States. It also serves to promote sharing of weather related links and web page techniques among the membership, leading to high quality, useful weather sites for the Internet public.

Each member station displays a mesomap of the current conditions at member stations across the Southwest.

Regional Weather Networks

We have been very pleased to assist and help start up other regional personal weather station networks who are providing current conditions information in their regions.

There are now 1108 stations in affiliated networks worldwide as of Sun, 21-Jul-2024 06:06:06 UTC


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This website was created by Ken at using Dreamweaver 8 from an open-source web design by Andreas Viklund. The mesomap shown on the home page is produced by a PHP script that fetches current condition data from member station websites and presents in a DHTML and tabular format. Many of the SWN websites use this script to create their own SWN display page. This website strives to be Valid XHTML 1.0-Strict and Valid CSS driven.

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